HSÜAN combines herbalism & skincare

We are holistic beings; anything that manifests on our skin is a sign that our bodies require support. Each set comes with capsules, cream & serum. The capsules are designed to restore balance internally, while the cream & serum bring nourishment topically.

Glow from the (inside) out.





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  • "So happy to be feeling good in my own skin again."

    I was experiencing a lot of issues with my skin for a long time, from uneven skin tone to rashes and breakouts. I was feeling so defeated and self-conscious, nothing seemed to be working. That's when I started taking GLOW daily and honestly, I feel so grateful to have been introduced to this product. My skin is looking SO MUCH better with my acne gone and a healthier glow! Love love LOVE this new addition to my morning rituals and so happy to be feeling good in my own skin again.

    - Elisa Alarie

  • "My mind is blown."

    This is the result of just a week of using the potion daily and cream & serum twice a day.

    - Laura Van Der Wee

  • "I was having serious hormonal breakouts"

    After using Glow, I feel so much better. I'm so much more confident.

    - Emily Hamilton

  • "... I look like I’m in my 20s if I can say so myself."

    Honestly my skin has never seen results as such… so much so that I’m scared to skip a single day lol. I mean, this is zero filter… how can I complain… I look like I’m in my 20s if I can say so myself. So happy and so much less self conscious now!

    - Caroline Wong

  • "Only one week"

    And there's been a significant reduction of the eczema around my eyes.

    - Chris Mainville

  • "...but also my fibromyalgia and inflammation in my body."

    This has not only helped me with my eczema, but also my fibromyalgia & inflammation in my body! I’m loving it.

    - Gina Buono 

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